Group Language Tuition at ICE in London

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Book now for English language summer school London ’24 or all year-round group tuition and take advantage of the at the Islington Centre for English!

Study General English in the morning and take a sightseeing tour of central London in the afternoon or spend your mornings touring London with super low-priced afternoon lessons at 3.30pm. 

English Language Lessons will be at ICE in Islington, one of London’s liveliest and most historical boroughs. Groups can either be taught together or integrated into existing international classes.

If the group has its own particular interest in a certain area of English language or would like to be taught separately, we can tailor lessons to your group’s requirements and/or concentrate on common areas of weakness.

We can also provide an EFL trained member of staff to guide your group in the afternoons if requested.

Fill in this Groups Quotation Request Form and we will provide you with a very, very competitive price.

This year, we are proud to announce that we are running international junior groups for individual enrolments in July & August at our school in London!  So, this means that you can enrol your 14 year-old son or daughter from Paris who can study with students from Brazil, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Japan, Russia... and take part in our London fun activity programme in the afternoons.  Students will visit the famous sights and also go bowling, play games in the park, do the local treasure hunt among other activities.  Study Junior English courses in London info


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School English Language groups in London?

ICE can create a wonderful package for your group including:

  • Walking distance accommodation in Students residences (June to August), en suite dorms for up to 4 students within walking distance to our school, homestays with families in London for extra English language practice.  
  • HUGE DISCOUNTS on tuition and enrolment fees.
  • Excellent value, local hot lunches in Islington or convenient packed lunches.
  • Transfers from the airport with meet and greet service.
  • Group or individual travel cards.
  • Trinity GESE speaking exams - ideal for short courses of less than 4 weeks.  (ICE is an official Trinity exam centre)
  • As many lessons per week as you need with mixed nationality or closed groups.
  • 7 nights Bed and breakfast/full-/ half-board homestay or student halls accommodation in London.
  • Up to 30 hours per week of English lessons taught by qualified, experienced, native English-speaking teachers.
  • 5 guided tours of famous London attractions with an EFL- qualified English guide if required.
  • Full-day excursions to Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, Bath and Stonehenge...
  • For groups of 10 students or more, one group leader goes free!
  • Full head office assistance, administration and visa support if required
  • Paid entrances to attractions

Summer School at ICE for Junior Individuals

Dates and Prices per Week:

From Monday 24th June 2024 until Friday 23rd August 2024

  • 1 week:  £279

  • 2 - 4 weeks cost per week:  £235

  • 5 - 8 weeks cost per week:  £199

DISCOUNTED PACKAGE PRICE! Tuition plus Activities:  £479 per week only
A £75 registration fee is also payable which includes a course book, an English level test and consultation.
DISCOUNTED PACKAGE PRICE! Tuition plus Activities£449 per week only
A £75 registration fee is also payable which includes a course book, an English level test and consultation.

Optional Afternoon Fun/Cultural Activities 2024

Live the London Language Experience!  In summer 2024, ICE is offering 5 afternoons-per-week of fun-cultural activities for individual students who are studying English at our language school in the morning.  

Here's an example of what they did last year:  Learn English London Junior_Sample_Activities_Summer_23.pdf

Afternoon activities are fun, active & educational and take place in London!  

Timetable:  1pm to 4pm Monday to Friday.  Students will return to the school by 4pm. 

Food:  ICE can also provide lunches for individual and group-booked students

Please note: All individual junior students must either:
...have a responsible adult guardian providing accommodation for him/her or accompanied in London by a responsible group leader or relative to his/her homestay or 
...employ our partner company, StudyLinks, to provide Guardianship services
ICE will only provide tuition and/ or accommodation to junior students who have a guardianship arrangement in one of the models above.
Email Katy for more details:

Welfare for Young Learners (under 18 years)

We welcome groups of 11 to 16 year-olds to our English School in London all year round in closed, single-nationality groups.  We also welcome students aged 16 and 17 years onto our adult, mixed nationality English courses.  For younger students, welfare is a very high priority which is why we ensure the following procedures are carried out:

  • We have a named Welfare Officer (Katy Mitchel):
  • Students, Parents and Educational Tour Operators can call our 24-hour emergency number.
  • Our welfare officer is informed of all students under-18 years old.
  • Each junior student is identified on our registers so the tutor knows.
  • We provide in-house and/or external training for all staff who come into contact with minors.
  • We follow British Council guidelines on the supervision of minors.
  • We require consent forms from parents who send under-age students to study English in London at our school.
  • All of our staff are subject to reference checks and enhanced DBS checks.

Here are some useful documents for your information for the welfare of young learners studying English in London with the Islington Centre for English:

Visit our Safety page.

Under 18's


Why bring your school group to study English in London?

A transformative cultural & academic experience

Bringing a group of adults and/or teenagers to London to study English can be an incredibly rewarding and beneficial experience for both the students and their educators. London, as a global city with a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant cosmopolitan atmosphere, offers a unique and immersive learning environment that can greatly enhance the language acquisition process while providing numerous other advantages.

One of the key benefits of studying English in London is the exposure to authentic language input. English is the native language in the UK, and students can have firsthand experience interacting with native speakers in a variety of settings, such as in schools, museums, shops, and restaurants. This exposure to real-life English language usage can significantly improve students' listening and speaking skills, as well as their overall language proficiency. Students can also learn about British culture, customs, and traditions, which can broaden their cultural knowledge and foster intercultural understanding.

London is also home to world-renowned language schools (such as the Islington Centre for English) that offer high-quality English language programmes for teenagers and adults. These schools typically employ experienced and qualified teachers who specialise in teaching English as a second language to international students. They use a communicative approach to language learning, which focuses on practical language skills and encourages students to actively use English in meaningful and relevant contexts. Students can benefit from a wide range of language courses tailored to their proficiency level and specific language goals, including general English, exam preparation, and English for specific purposes. They can also receive individualised attention and feedback, which can accelerate their language progress.

In addition to language learning, studying in London can provide teenagers with a rich cultural experience. The city is renowned for its iconic landmarks, such as the Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, and the British Museum, which offer abundant opportunities for educational visits and cultural enrichment. Students can learn about British history, art, literature, and politics firsthand, and engage in interactive learning activities, such as museum tours, theatre performances, and cultural workshops. This hands-on learning approach can make the language learning process more engaging and memorable, and broaden students' horizons.

Furthermore, studying English in London can also promote personal growth and independence in teenagers. Living in a foreign country, even for a short period of time, can foster self-reliance, resilience, and adaptability. Students can learn to navigate a new environment, manage their daily routines, and communicate with people from diverse backgrounds. They can develop social skills, such as making new friends, collaborating with classmates, and interacting with local communities. These skills can empower students with greater self-confidence, maturity, and global citizenship, which can benefit them in their future academic and professional pursuits.

In conclusion, bringing a group of teenagers to London to study English can offer a multitude of benefits. From exposure to authentic language input and high-quality language programmes to rich cultural experiences and personal growth opportunities, studying English in London can be an enriching and transformative experience for students. It can enhance their language skills, broaden their cultural knowledge, and promote personal development, making it a valuable investment in their education and future success.

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