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Day course PLUS! 

Minimum language level required          

Upper Intermediate (B2)

Start date                  

Any Monday

Maximum length of course

36 weeks

Hours per week

17.5 hours tuition with breaks (15 hours without)

Group size

15 students maximum


9.15am to 12.00pm  or 12.30-3.15pm Monday to Friday

PLUS! 2 workshops: Monday & Wednesday 12.30 to 1.15pm (for Morning lessons) or 3.45 to 4.30pm (for Afternoon lessons.) Alternatively, you can also choose to add 2 evening classes instead of the skills workshops

Exam fee



The IELTS Exam Preparation PLUS! course, run by the Islington Centre for English, London (ICE) will get you the IELTS score you need!

It is designed to ensure you are well prepared to achieve a good score in your IELTS (International English Language Testing System) exam, ready for entry to University. Students need to be at B2 (Upper Intermediate) level or above to join this course.

The IELTS Exam Preparation PLUS! course runs Monday to Friday and you can study either in the mornings 9.15-12.00pm (12.5 hours per week of teaching time) or the afternoons (12.30-3.15pm.)

PLUS! you can choose 2 skills workshops which run on Monday & Wednesday 12.30 to 1.15 pm or 3.30- 4.15 pm. Alternatively students can also choose to add 2 evening classes instead of the skills workshops. You will be taught in small groups of up to 15 students by experienced, native speaking English tutors.

On this course you will learn the specific grammar you need to get a good IELTS score. You will also practice exam techniques in Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, enabling you to succeed in the exam. ICE will manage the course for each individual student based on their exam date.

Exam enrollment itself will be taken care of by the college and students will pay the exam enrollment fee of £185, plus a £15 registration fee.

Whilst at ICE you will find it’s not all work! There are fun, weekly social trips and outings so you can make new friends whilst exploring vibrant London.

As one of the best value English classes in London, we welcome potential students who may wish to join us for a free trial class so contact us now. Alternatively, come in for a free test and a consultation with an experienced tutor. We will assess your current IELTS score and provide you with a personalised study plan, enabling you to achieve the score you need!

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Want to improve your IELTS Reading paper score?

Here are 10 awesome tips to get you the band score you need...

  1. Skim and scan: Before diving into the passages, take a few minutes to quickly skim and scan through the text. Pay attention to headings, subheadings, and the first and last sentences of each paragraph to get a general idea of the content.

  2. Manage your time: The IELTS Reading paper has a strict time limit, so it's important to manage your time wisely. Allocate a specific amount of time for each passage and stick to it, so you have enough time to attempt all the questions.

  3. Read the questions first: Read the questions before you start reading the passage. This will help you understand what information you need to look for and save you time while scanning through the text for answers.

  4. Highlight keywords: As you read the passage, use a highlighter or underline keywords or phrases that are related to the questions. This will help you locate the answers quickly when you refer back to the passage.

  5. Understand different question types: The IELTS Reading paper includes various question types, such as multiple-choice, True/False/Not Given, matching, and sentence completion. Make sure you understand the requirements of each question type and practice answering them beforehand.

  6. Pay attention to synonyms and paraphrasing: The answers in the passage may not always be in the same words as the questions. Look out for synonyms or paraphrased versions of the keywords in the questions, as these are common tricks used in the IELTS Reading paper.

  7. Follow instructions carefully: Read and follow the instructions for each question type carefully. For example, if the question asks you to choose the "best" answer, make sure you consider all the options before making a selection.

  8. Use context clues: Use the context of the passage to help you understand the meaning of unfamiliar words or phrases. Look for clues within the sentence or the surrounding sentences to deduce the meaning of the word or phrase in question.

  9. Guess if you're unsure: If you're not sure about an answer, don't leave it blank. Guess based on your understanding of the passage and the options provided. You might get lucky and earn some points.

  10. Practice, practice, practice: The key to success in the IELTS Reading paper is practice. Familiarise yourself with different types of passages and questions, and practice answering them within the time limit. This will help you build your reading skills and improve your confidence for the actual exam.

Remember to manage your time wisely, read the questions carefully, and practice regularly to enhance your performance in the IELTS Reading paper. Good luck!

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Course Information

Our courses for individual enrolments are for adults.  The minimum age is 16.  Junior courses are provided for 11 to 16 year-olds as part of group tuition packages. 

See more General information about our courses or read our Terms & Conditions of enrolment. 

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